Jamie Middleton, Father


 Simply the best, brilliant instructors in Sensei Chris and Sensei Katie, great atmosphere at all the dojo's and supportive students across all ages. If you're looking to join the best karate club around then this is the place to be. My twin boys have been going for several years and absolutely love it. 

Steve Fearnley, Instructor, Canada


 If you are looking for a karate school for yourself or your children, stop here because you have found it. Kent karate has instructors who are passionate and caring. As well as being National and international competitors and medalists. You will not find better. 

Michael Pereira, Student


I have been going to SKA for 8 years, from when I was 6 years old I have loved training from the start, with the members and the trainers,I am proud to be a part of it!
I am now 18 and am proceeding into the RAF, SKA has helped me to achieve my goals and hopefully there are more to follow... 

Maria Pereira, Student


I have been part of the karate family for 10 years now and I can confidently say that it was one of the best decisions I made to join! I have grown from a timid, shy 11 year old to become a confident and outgoing 21 year old.
I do karate with my 2 younger brothers and my dad. We all enjoy doing the sport together and competing alongside one another in local, national and international competitions.
Karate will not only improve your fitness levels but shape you as a person. 

Caroline Frimston, Mother


 We love SKA! My son has been a member for a few years, his self-confidence has come on in leaps and bounds, and he’s not as concerned as he used to be about ‘putting himself out there’, whether it’s standing in front of his class for ‘Show and Tell’ or taking part in school assembly, or competing in front of spectators. Sensei Chris and Sensei Katie are great instructors and have a fab way with the kids. My son still has his moments of disquiet, but he thrives on the structured, disciplined and nurturing environment that the karate club provides. Most of all, he really enjoys himself! There is a good choice of different venues to choose from, throughout the week. I would thoroughly recommend it! 


Jolande Lodge, Mother


We are very impressed with the club, its instructors, members and ethos. After more than 9 years, we are still keen to be there 3 times per week. The karate skills, confidence and self-discipline developed over the years will be of value forever. The six-pack and some basic Japanese language skills are a nice added bonus.. 

Debra Scamp, Mother


We have been part of the Kent Karate family for 8 years now. Sensei Chris and Sensei Katie are brilliant instructors and I feel confident that my children have found a sport that not only increases fitness and discipline but is fun and has helped to give them real self confidence. 

Nicola Riley, Mother


 SKA simply 100% !!! 

Carol Kosmas, Instructor Prague


Genuine people who are passionate and highly skilled in this Art. They have the inclination to nurture spirited young ones, into positive and confident people with the skills and ability to achieve local, national and world champions. 

Marie Worton, Student



We joined Shukokai Karate Academy 5 years ago, a fantastic way to introduce young children to discipline, respect and fitness. My boys have grown in confidence and compete regularly at karate competitions. They are now working towards their black belts. The club is great for all ages, myself as an adult joined 4 years ago and I can honestly say I have loved every minute of it.

I would highly recommend Shukokai Karate Academy.

Jolande Lodge, Mother



These days, it's not always easy to join a sports club where the coaches have the best interests of each student at heart. But the three sensei at SKA are known for developing each student physically and mentally whilst looking after them at the same time. My son has been training with Sensei Katie, Chris and Steve for nearly 10 years now and it has been the making of him. They have believed in him from the start and they have given him the skills, confidence and values required to become a world champion as well as a good sport.


Rowan Fraser, Student


Sensei Katie Simpson walks her talk. She is an outstanding competitor and a deeply caring and dedicated instructor and developer of her students abilities, confidence and character. Consistent, kind, principled, dedicated, driven & hard working - Katie proves that nice guys & girls can finish first.. 

Alison Butler, Mother


Come and give it a try, a great club, supportive Sensei's great teaching, new skills, respect and discipline all learnt and consolidated through these family minded dojos. Our daughters have learnt so much and love the classes.